New style...

Last week after the boys got their haircuts, I popped inside of Prism. It's a few shops away from Great Clips...and it has all sorts of fun/interesting/novel home decor. 
Right now, there is a bunch of shabby chic pieces which have the "You are my Sunshine" motif.
I fell in love with this gem.

But...I'm also not very good about buying things that cost more than $3.
I kept looking at pictures I took on my phone through out the holiday weekend.
And, Tuesday, when the shop opened, I hustled over there after physical therapy.

Nervous, excited, anxious...

And yes, my beloved table was still available. 

I bought it....and was sick. haha. 
Yes, I am not a shopper.  
But, after the wave of worry left...I am once again in love with this 
quaint table.  I have been wanting, but not brave enough, to shabby up a few furniture pieces I have here in my home.
So, this just might be the PUSH I need!

Don't you just love that face?  
The happy color?  

Yes, this is a fun piece to start redecorating my home!


http://ilove2cutpaper.blogspot.com/ said...

I love the shabby look of the table and the motif looks great against the sunshine.

Marie97 said...

Very pretty addition to your decor. TFS from BIF

Haidee said...

That table was meant to be for YOU!!!! Looks great!
from BIF group

Tammy said...

Cute, I can see why you fell in love with it!

Raven B said...

This is very pretty! Sometimes when you find that special piece that would match your home perfectly you just have to take the plunge even if its pricey. Looks like a great buy!!!


ddazzled71 said...

What a great way to add a little sunshine to your home Dawn!

KimberlyRae said...

Such a Beautiful Gem! Love it and your story!

Zella said...

I love this table too!!! Very cute - and it just fits your personality - full of sunshine!

Sukie said...

Looks so pretty, love the fun sentiment on it too! BIF

Lynn McAuley said...


Years ago I used to do tole painting on furniture! I still love the pieces I created!

Irene's Creations said...

The table is awesome. Great job. From BIF

Emkay said...

Cute table! Definitely worth going back for!