Love You to Pieces

Last week, I snapped a pix of the kids at a State Park. It was candid and free...just perfect. I thought I would create a gift for an older relation.  When you are cooped up, you sort of need to keep moving. Know what I mean?  So, here is an interactive , easy kids' craft!


Glue Dots ©:  1" lines, Removable
4x6 inch photograph
9 tongue depressors
card stock
cutting mat
craft knife
metal ruler
Paper and embellishments for a decorative tag

1.  Using Removable Glue Dots ©, line 9 tongue depressors together on a piece of scratch paper.

2.  Place 1" line Glue Dots © along the edges and down the middle of your photograph.  
3.  Adhere your photo to the depressors.  Press down and smooth out. 

4.  Place your project on a cutting mat.  Use the depressors as a guide and slice apart your picture using a metal ruler and craft knife.
5.  Take Removable Glue Dots © off of the back of the sticks.

 6.  Create a tag...remember to use Glue Dots!  Use ribbon to tie up the tongue depressors.

That great bow is made from Lovebug Creations...Goddess Green!


Zella said...

Fabulous idea! Where do you come up with these amazing projects? Just when I think you can't top the one you posted - you go and post another one that knocks my socks off!! You are SUPER-CREATIVE!!!!

Lynn McAuley said...

Super cute idea and execution, Dawn!! What a delightful gift!

Lovebug Creations said...

What a super fun idea and gorgeous to boot!!! Gonna have to try this!!! Thanks for the tutorial and the inspiration!!! You rock chicky!!!

Bug hugs,

Unknown said...

Very creative idea, fun, and colorful!

Tammy said...

Very, very clever! Great idea!

Karen said...

Super cute idea Dawn. This is a great gift for someone who is cooped up and needs to keep going.

Pamela Lash said...

Clever idea and sooooo unique!!
Cyberhugs..........Mama LoveBug

Stephanie Eaken said...

LOve this project! Such a cute idea!!