Hair Bauble!

 I made this hair bauble for myself now that my hair is growing out ..and I LOVE it. And...apparently so does my DD (after she saw the finished piece).  I guess it's hers now!

I used a felt base and stitched a large bobble pin into the felt after this flower was made.  Simply Red makes such a GREAT poppy flower.

So, I have such a greater respect for all you ribbon flower makers out there!  Here are a couple of tips I learned (the hard way).

1.  Go with the flow.  A flower and it's petals are not perfect. Don't sweat the small stuff.
2.  Be careful with that hot glue!  If you have a strand stick to your ribbon, it will look less than desirable. In that case, read tip #1 again.
3.  Add another layer of ribbon on top of any glue smudges.  Or ACCESSORIZE with Rhinestones!
4. But, if you add hot glue to rhinestones, they might not be as shiny any more. So make a small dab of hot glue on your flower, wait 1/2 a second...and THEN add the rhinestone.
5.  Practice makes perfect.  So, buy plenty of your favorite colors of Rumple Ribbons from Lovebug Creations.  Hmmm.... Sunset or Green Leaves will be my next endeavor. Although, I might be snatching that poppy for my own use too!


Zella said...

That is so cute!!! Love the bright color - as a fellow dark hair person the red just pops! Great project!!!

Great Grandma Lin said...

what a fun idea!

Lovebug Creations said...

Oh my word! This is rockstar amazing! I LOVE IT!!! I could soooo see one of these in every color... Holy moly! I want several.. Not sure I'm brave enough to try although the tutorial is great so maybe... just maybe... Can't say I blame your (very pretty!) DD for snatching it ;)

Bug hugs,

Tammy said...

What a lovely young daughter, how lucky for you that you can share with her such pretty accessories (make a great pin too)! My daughters have all moved away so no to share with!

Marie97 said...

Pretty hair deco! TFS from BIF

Daveda Lane Creates said...

Soo Cute!

NicoleDesigns said...

Look at you Miss Creative..... LOL... awesome job..... I love making hair accessories.... TFS from BIF, xo Nikki ox

Unknown said...

Love - thanks for sharing your tips!

Anonymous said...

You're very brave! I've only attempted small flowers! Yours turned out spectacular!

Christine Barker


KimberlyRae said...

Pretty Bauble! Nice job and great tips! Glad you're up and craftin' :)

MiamiKel said...

So much fun, your daughter is a beauty like her mommy! Feel better - this ROCKS!!!!

Pamela Lash said...

Love your flower - no fist fighting over this - make another one! I chuckled at your cute comments on how to make this - thanks for the tutorial!! Dynamite!
Cyberhugs...........Mama LoveBug

ddazzled71 said...

Such a gorgeous rosette Dawn. I hope your creations don't lead to fighting in your house. I can totally see why DD wants it. xx

Roxx.T Barnes said...

Cute Blog post, which reminds me I have some flowers I should make as hair accessories. .. Thanks for the tips.


Sukie said...

Adorable accessory and it looks beautiful in your daughter's hair. Such a creative use of ribbon! BIF