Family Motto

There is always talk about having a personal or a family motto. 
I sort of roll my eyes at the thought of that.  
Sort of. 
But, after becoming frustrated that my kids were missing the point of 
I had a talk with them during dinner.
(Now I must point out that b/c my husband works long, long hours, most of our dinners are just me and the kids alone.  Which is a perfect time for me to review and straighten...along with just the daily updates.)

I don't know how it happened, but serving seems to come naturally for me.
Maybe it's b/c I'm the eldest.
Maybe it's b/c I see my father serving continually, regardless of how he must be feeling for himself.
Or maybe it's b/c I have a mother who sent me to serve others when all I wanted to do was nurse my wounds...
Maybe it's b/c I have a knack for knowing how other people feel.
But..even when I don't really want to do it, I serve.
Nope...not trying to brag...it's just me.
And it is something that I want to see passed down to my own kids.  
I really want them to help others. Without being asked. And by thinking of another first.

So, I talked about the above quote from a General Conference Address.
Asked them what they thought that it meant.
Asked them how we can apply it in our lives.
I set the term...one week.
But dear, dear C* said "No a month!"
So..that is our goal this month, or next 4 weeks...and hopefully next life time.
Observe first, then serve.  

And, even though it has been barely a week...I see a change. 
Or maybe I am just concentrating on pointing out that:
 "Mom is noticing that you are serving someone else. And thank you. Way to go."

My three little bees are getting it...
And, btw, our underlining task is also to reinstate/use 
and other courteous manners...not sure when those stopped being in fashion around here.
But...we are working on it!


Lynn McAuley said...

Love it! You are an awesome mom, Dawn!

Great Grandma Lin said...

what a great effort as a mom! Go for it. We can all use your ideas, no matter our age!