January Creative Paperclay ® Tip...

I have a friend who homeschools one of her children.  Because it is a special circumstance, I offered to give him art lessons each Monday.  (I used to teach art and music before becoming a mother myself!)

One day I taught him about gargoyles and architecture.  So, we got out the Creative Paperclay ® material.   You can imagine the fun he had working in this modeling material.

Just get out some playdough toys...and your Homeschooler will be able to recreate lessons learned in a 3d manner!

A gargoyle inspired by an eagle...meaning strength.

The next week, my artist buddy painted this gargoyle in the most vibrant colors using acrylic paint.
(Sadly, I don't seem to have any of those pictures.)

So, with Creative Paperclay ®, you can bring your homeschool lessons to life for your children.
 For more project ideas and tips, be sure to saunter on over to the Creative Paperclay ® blog!!

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