A bleak Monday...

A bleak Monday follows the Black Friday we all had.

I happened to see the first news of the CT massacre as it was being sent out.  Only, in those initial minutes, the news reported 3 deaths. I had to run off for some Christmas shopping.  To my horror, I came home to a much higher death toll.

I think it became even more real oncethe names were listed...then came the pictures of the cihldren and their caretakers.  A delayed Survivor Finale...and I listened to a portion of the Memorial Service.

My son, C*, wanted to wear Sandy Hook's school colors...and I made these for my own school kids....

I'm grateful for my faith and knowledge of the Plan of Salvation.
I know that this life is just a testing ground.
It is not the end.
I know that those who were killed on Friday will be reunited in the future with those who they left, too soon.
My prayers are with the families and friends and acquaintances...and my hope is that they are able to find peace and comfort. And to know that they are being thought of by so many of us across the United States and beyond.


Unknown said...

What a sweet gesture. It is so heartbreaking...seems so unreal.

Heather North said...

What a beautiful for your children to honor those lives lost at Sandy Hook Elem. Sad day indeed.