Day 10

 I often cleaned my grandparents' silver ...and crystal chandeliers. It was a way for me to make some extra cash...and learn to work...and chat with my grandparents. Although, I really just liked the one on one time with them.

A couple of years ago, my parents were updating their new home (aka my grandparents' old home) and my mom offered up the crystal chandelier to me.  It has sat in a box...in the basement...and then in my room. A day or so ago, Ken decided that he would indeed swap out the ugly original on with this crystal one.

He patiently took it apart to clean it.  Then, he put it back together...about 6 times. B/c one of the octopus arms kept coming loose.  I love that he did the job until it was "right."  Here is he...even using my crafty pipe cleaners to get out some old dirty!

All parts carefully in a row...

Lots of parts...

and I didn't even get a pix of all the hundreds of crystals that I cleaned.  

All that we need now is a tall, tall A frame ladder...and hopefully in the next couple of days!
I would love to have this up for Thanksgiving. 
(Lucky me that I have two.  The smaller one is going to be hung above the bath...thanks to a comment made by my neighbor.  Right, Ken? )

I'm grateful for the time I spent cleaning my grandparents' silver and crystal...and 
super grateful that Ken wanted to do it today with me...


Unknown said...

What a lovely story. I used to polish my grandparents' ornaments. I don't know what happened to them, unfortunately. Can't wait to see your gorgeous chandelier up!

Unknown said...

Oh - and just to add, I have those curtains in grey in my house in the UK! You are making me homesick today! :D

Susan said...

This will be lovely when it gets hung but if it never does, the memories will be ever there. Thanks Ken for attempting this monumental task. And that IS what pipecleaners are really for....cleaning!