Where is Dawn?

I know...Long time no post. But, last week was a doctor filled week.  Good news...I'm fine.  Physical Therapy is going great. And E* and I have our glasses fixed again!   A few more updates.

My vintage grapes needed to be updated/fixed up. So I told the neighbor I'd fill his tummy if he helped me out.  This is my newly fixed light:

Yeah... The chain is not in a puddle next to the sink with wires and tape jury rigged up!  T* even put a switch , which is higher up the chain.  Sunday, we decorated the house.  But the grapes remained b/c I just am so happy to have them functioning again.  (Oh and did you notice all the peacocks out there in home decor? I'm 5 minutes ahead of the scene and I didn't realize it!)

So, I tried my hand at Danish Making. It's a long process....and I don't know that these taste as good as the ones my mom can pump out.  But...my neighbor said it was b/c I had to do the work.  Probably.   But, it wouldn't hurt to try again in a few weeks.  She supposed the lemon curd, which C* LOVED b/c he doesn't care for cherries...just like his granny and great granny.

What I really need is a pretty platter to share with my favorite neighbors. We are forever taking baked goods back and forth between the houses.  We have to keep the men folk happy, right!

Which, brings me to a paper craft...finally. haha.

Robin's Nest is sponsoring Party Time Tuesdays.  yeah!
So here is a plug for TWO great crafting places.

I used Flame Papers along with Glitter Black Paws Paper from The Robin's Nest.
I love the embossed flames as I emboss 95% (or more) of my images.  
The sentiment is from Pink by Design.  I know just the little devil who is getting this card! haha.
Oh...and the fun burlap and dew drops/dewdew glue are also from The Robin's Nest.

So..link up a "Scary Halloween" card.  Yeah, not too scary or we won't be able to comment on your cards.
Link up, badge up....with Party Time Tuesdays.

Oh...one more thing...Last week...
I was able to skype with Michelle...and she taught me this striking shading technique...to shade around the image.  Thanks Michelle!  Hope to craft with you again soon!

Oh...and ONE MORE last thing... last night, my family and I were up to some wickedly fun pranks of our own!  Ooh, having kids can be such great fun. I can't imagine why one wouldn't want them...for the good times...and the sassy times.


Unknown said...

Wow! Love that light! And what a cute card...love that image and all the texture!

Dorothy S said...

Yummmm...lucky neighbor!
And such a cute card, with all the different bg pieces.

Michelle VP said...

haha, love your chatty post and how your card turned out! That little devil looks great - doesn't she just glow with the shading around her instead of on her?! :) It was fun skyping with you too.

Heather North said...

That frame paper is great! I can imagine so many cards using it.