Jack Pot!!

This summer, my kids learned a new game.  Every time you are driving down the road and you see a YELLOW vehicle, you have to holler "JACKPOT!"  Needless to say, it has it's moments! haha.

Today, I hit the Glue Dot jackpot!  I was sitting at my art table, doing nothing...b/c it's cold, rainy and GREY.  When, I noticed a Fed Ex truck pulling up to my domicile.

Yeppers....GLUE DOTS...

10 packs...along with a pile of Basic Grey 12 inch papers and Maya Road chipboard books and star pin embellishments.  Thank you Maya Road! I'm eager to start creating using Glue Dots...and any other company that wants to cross promote!!


Karen said...

Lucky you Dawn for hitting the jackpot. Looking forward to seeing your creations using the supplies you received

Unknown said...

We do the same with yellow vehicles except we punch each other. And it's two for a yellow truck! Gets a bit painful.