Long time coming

This post has been a LONG time in coming.

So earlier this spring, I was stuck. 
I wanted to paint C*'s room, but we hadn't found a new comforter set. 
The renovation fire was lit...and much to Ken's dismay...
I tore down the large, full wall sized mirror which originally hung over the sink...
and across the toilet area.

That meant a bit (or a lot) of patch work on the wall.
Admittedly, at first I thought that I HAD to have the light moved from the center of the wall
to the left side, over the sink.  
But, after little bit of fussing and fuming...I realized that a centered light worked for the wall.
There is two halves...the sink and the toilet.
The 3 light fixture suited the area quite well.
(And yes, Ken had jumped the gun and carved a little out of the socket. 
But hey..I'm a thinker sometimes too!  I was still mulling it over.)

So...I puttied and sanded...primed and painted...

Oh yes...and cut myself at 9pm on a Saturday night...
After more fussing and fuming and mulling it over...
I drove myself to the Urgent Care for 2 inches of stitches..

haha...And so I took a break. And refused to look at it.  
"We have 2 other bathrooms," was my ongoing excuse from the start of the project.

Then the color choice.
I had so many browns stuck up on the wall.  After picking one, it was tucked into my purse. 
Then promptly lost when I went to buy paint for C*'s room, which had a snafu of it's own. It was time to paint and get it back into "working and acceptable" order, and so I just went with a brown.

Ugh Brown.
I'm not a brown person.  I didn't like it very much after all was said and done.
I even didn't paint the top edge one last time. (Thanks for doing that for me a month later, Ken.)
I fussed and fumed and thought perhaps I would repaint it after the boys' rooms.
Or let it live for a year.

I had intended to paint the hallway color (blue) around the mirror.  That Blue color wasn't/isn't chosen yet.
After some time, I hung up the vintage grape chandelier...and put the grape bunch on the toilet tank.
The blues broke up the brown. Eh. Better.

But then today as we were at the mall (shudder), I came across the perfect trio of peacocks.
Vibrant and cheery. Exotic and interesting.
My sort of colors.

Disclaimer: photographing bathrooms is hard. No natural light in a confined space.
Additionally, the camera woman wasn't at a good angle for this shot.
This hangs across from the mirror. You can observe it in the reflection on the next photograph.

Vintage grapes...LOVE them!!

DD created that cobalt blue cuppie...holding our Bath & Body Works scents.
All I need now is a handy electrician who can guide me in cutting back that wiring!

A few minutes in another store found this vibrant blue throw rug.
What pizzaz...what snazz-iness!
In fact, Ken put up the towel ring and toilet paper holder.
(Now all I need is some fanciful hand towels!)

I'm in love! It's my favorite room in my house...no joke...at least today it is! 

Now, to get the curtains and flag hung up in E's room...paint a stripe...find the boy some furniture.
Then, I can start the next room:  Laundry/bathroom.
(Eager b/c after that...it's MY room!)


Michelle VP said...

Lookin' good! Amazing what the right accessories can do to brighten a room! :)

MiamiKel said...

How beautiful!! Looks like quite an undertaking but the end result is FAB!

Starla said...

OH!! My mom had one of those vintage grape clusters!! Actually, I think a couple of different family members did at one time or another!!

I'm still waiting for you to come visit me and start renovating here!

Debbie said...

Wow...looking good! You made me tired just by reading about all the work lol