Summer Schedule

My Summer Schedule has been all about the paint...as I am repainting the entire house.  It just had to be done. And you know...it's always a bigger job than you first expect. Earlier in the spring, I separated the boys into separate bedrooms...although it wasn't what I wanted to do. The arguing needed to be curbed. And I suppose C* just needed more space.  That moving of bodies was a domino effect in huge proportions...and I am still working on getting things settled and back into place.  First, I painted A's room. Then, b/c I had no new bedding for the boys, I took down the main floor mirror with was afixed to the wall with apoxy. Big job to fix...then cut myself...stitches...wah,...wah.... yes, an ongoing saga. haha.

I started painting the 4th (and contrasting colored) wall in C's room...when the paint peeled off...2 layers.  Okay, yeah. Bigger mess to contend with.

I ended up (finally) painting the first floor bathroom.  Well, it's just too BROWN. I'm so not a brown color person! haha. I am most assuredly going to paint that again...soon. But not before E gets his room done.  (Sorry Hatch Batch 2, he's rooting for the Big Blue Team up here.)

Meanwhile, I moved all of C's stuff back into the room last night. Hung up the curtains after getting them ironed.

 And yes, I hung that eagle painting alone b/c if you want the job done right, you do it yourself.  (Now I have to patch up a large nail hole on that wall that I did not put in!)

As my grandmother was dying, she had her bedroom redesigned to be more masculine for my grandfather to live out his own days.  C* aspires to be an Eagle Scout. After less than 18 months, he's earned the rank of Life Scout. That is the last rank before Eagle. This picture is inspiring in more ways than one. I'm glad the room colors fit so nicely with the picture.

 A couple of months ago, I said that A had the most peaceful room. Well, today, it has to be her big brother's room!  (I can't wait to get to my room! haha. But I think there is E's room...then 2 bathrooms...before I can start in on my own peaceful haven!)


Adrienne said...

Dawn- This looks fantastic. Seriously. The colors are perfect and with the curtains up and the eagle picture, C is a lucky boy to have such an awesome room!

Great Grandma Lin said...

how fun and ambitious you are...looks great!

ddazzled71 said...

The blue tones are perfectly peaceful and calming Dawn, just perfect for a growing boy! xx