Paper Bead Tutorial

As promised yesterday, here is a tutorial that will help you carry your paper crafting everywhere you go! Drum roll please....

Paper Beads...using Robin's Nest Papers.  

I made these beads with my DD and a friend of hers a few weeks ago. It's so easy, even a 5th grader can make them. But, they are so pretty, you are going to be wearing yours often. In fact, I'm wearing mine as I type this! haha

Modge Podge
thin skewer (The hole of your bead will be the diameter of your skewer.)
Robin's Nest paper (Here I used "Black and White Clock.")
sponge brush
extra bead, if you'd like some variety. Here I used red glass beads from Gutermann.
charm (optional)
elastic beading cord (Typically I use gold, silver, or clear. Several options!)
scrap paper to protect your work surface

1.  First, cut your paper into long, skinny triangles.  They do not have to be a perfect point.  These are 12 inches long. If  you use shorter strips, you'll have a smaller bead.  The base of the triangle is 3/8 - 1/2 inch thick.  Again, I do not measure exactly.  

2.  Place the base of the triangle along the skewer. Roll the paper around the skewer to get a curve started.  Then, roll your paper around the stick about 2 times.  

3.  Next, add modge podge along your triangle using a sponge brush.  I would recommend sponging about 3 or 4 inches at a time.  Start to roll the paper onto itself.  (Note the scrap paper that I am working on...I'm a messy crafter!)

4.  Continue to add modge podge along the tail as you roll the paper onto itself. It is okay if some of the glue squishes out. I use that extra to help seal it all in.  You need to be sure that you don't get modge podge on the skewer. That can cause your bead to be glued onto the stick.  

5. Slide down the first bead on the skewer.  Start the process all over with additional beads.

6.  You can put several paper beads on a skewer...or use several skewers. Just keep in mind that your skewers need to be the same thickness so that your holes are uniform.  Rest your skewer on something so that the beads can dry without drying to a table top or paper. As the beads are drying, I periodically test to make sure I can twist them along the skewer.  Also, I tend to make a couple of extra beads...just in case!

7.  Then, add thin layers of modge podge to your beads. Wait for it to dry in between coats. Five  coats is about right.  Remember, modge podge comes in a variety of sheens, anywhere from glass to matte.  Be sure to think about that when buying your extra beads.

DD is my hand and wrist model!

8. Now, the fun (and non-sticky) part begins...
Using the elastic beading cord, string your beads.  I've made bracelets, necklaces and even rings!  
Just think about that...and unique set of jewelry that can be created to coordinate any summer outfit!  When you tie off your bracelet, use a square knot.  (Right over left, left over right.)  Then, wiggle your knot inside one of your paper beads to create a seamless looking bracelet.  

For more information on the Robin's Nest Company, be sure to check out their blog, called Chattering Robins. Isn't that a sweet sounding name!


Rebekah said...

Beautiful job!! Definitely going to try this. I have never ventured over into the bead world. My have to make my first trip :-)


Susan said...

absolutely lovely. You may be messy but who isn't with modge podge...but you are so talented. Love the charm

ddazzled71 said...

I haven't made paper beads in ages, and they are great to also decorate your scrap pages. Great tutorial and I love your choice of the black and white papers to create your beads and your teaming with the red glass. Good luck with your DT Application! :)

Lynn McAuley said...

A fabulous tutorial for creating paper beads. These beautiful designer papers are so much better than the magazine pages we used to use! Sensational work, Dawn!

Debbie said...

So cute! What a great idea!

Proxxon Tools said...

that one of my personal favorite paper Robin Nest has. love this idea. thanks for your submission to be on the team

Adrienne said...

I had no idea "wearing" paper could look so classy!! Of course, you would come up with a way to make it look so good. And with your tutorial, I could even make these beads. So cute, thank you!!

MiamiKel said...

Get out!! How fun is this! You know I rec'd one of these about 2 years ago and couldn't figure out how it was made! Now I know! :) Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

This looks both fun to make and fun to wear!

http://blog.timetocreate.com.au/ said...

Arn't these fun to make. Great explanation too!