Long Day?

Honestly, I never have long days.  My days have always flown by.  
Whether when my kids were infants, toddlers...straight up until now..mouthy tweeners...

My days are never long.  

Stamps: Starving Artistamps Animals 2 

I might be tired.
I might get upset.
But the hours pass more and more speedily as I grow old.
And yes, I'm am getting old.  Middle aged.  (I would apologize to my elders...but I know they just don't want to admit that they are past the midpoint of their lives.)

Today's lessons learned, relearned, or just thoughts that pop up while I'm typing...

1.  Process vs. Product. Yes, I had to have a calm discussion on the fact that we are judged by our products. Whether it be an art project, school paper, or career orientated task, our peers, our educators, bosses are looking for that end result. Although it maybe be fun to throw paint, ruin our $40 scout uniform, and add too many layers of glue...in the end, you will still have to stand in a Court of Honor with stains on that shirt.  It doesn't look good.

2.  Along with that....USE YOUR NOGGIN.  Nick Jr. taught us that...and we are still learning it.

3.  (From Yesterday): Oh, how I wish I could have had more kids. I love, love, loved my time playing, walking, eating, (playing with our food) and chatting with my 4 year old neighbor yesterday. Thank you so much to my neighbor for trusting me with that sweet kid.  It was a lovely day.

4.  Which brings me back to today...my kids and their friends.  Yes, it is true. I spend time with my kids and their friends.  I enjoy it.  Yes, it takes time and effort and energy to make cookies and crafts.  But to drive 2 girls in their pjs to a Redbox to rent a movie....and the fun of doing it late at night....(and those pjs were shorts and a tshirt)...only to come back to finish baking those cookies...Priceless. The jokes, the smiles, the winks...the insights...I'm so blessed. to have this time to enjoy my kids...and others.  

5.  Which I just thought of this story...  The joys of helping often do not unfold until later...

A while back, there was a kid who had been on my soccer team for a few seasons. Zach was willful and grouchy. The son of a young, unmarried mother...going between mom and grandma...traveling for practice. Yes...he was often unhappy.  As the assistant coach, I'd take Zach aside. I'd find ways to chat with him about Pokemon or things he had done in school that day. I'd try to get him to cool down with all his mind and body could do was heat up.

Two weeks ago, Zach was playing against our team as the goalie for the 2nd half of the soccer game.  After the end of the game tunnel, Zach bounded next to me as I was walking off the field.  He didn't say anything and kept walking along side me with that look on his face that read, "Here I am. Look at me.  Do you remember ME?"  And yes, I remembered him. And praised him for his awesome goal tending.  Teased him for not being on our team..told him I missed him.  He couldn't say it...but the look in those eyes told me everything.  

I'm so glad  to have had that experience.  And the patience (or A's  friend in the car that kept me more patient) to know that the ruined scout shirt was just a window opening on an opportunity to explain to a young boy the importance of a product...words, deeds and actions.  

Boy, when you do it right, it pays off.  But, he has to learn that the long, slow, hard way...like the rest of us.  Don't you think?


Craft Paper said...

Such a cute card. I like your sky and hills!

Karen said...

Great card Dawn. I love your story and how patience, love and thoughtfulness will always endure.

Starla said...

Loved the insight today!
I too, love spending time with my kids and their friends...and as a result, today on Mother's Day, I am tackling all the laundry, emptying of coolers and sand from a entire day yesterday, spent at the beach with the freshman class. I am looking at a house that has sleeping bags strewn about from the extra kids that spent the weekend here so that they could go to the beach with their friends.

Is it worth the mess?! YES. Without a doubt. Because when my kids look back on this time, they will have a smile on their face and I will a smile in my heart because I was still accepted and involved at an age when so many kids shut their parents out.

(Great card too, btw!! :)