Games with E*...

My youngest loves stuffed animals.  The other 2 kids really never cared much for them.  But E*...love his  friends.  I am fond of saying that Lucky, the webkinz pug, is our home's Velveteen Rabbit.  I have washed him in the washing machine...both on accident and intentionally.  I have even operated on him...and restuffed his very loved body.  Over the years when E* is at school, I'll set the animals up to surprise him.  At times, E does the same thing. 

Yesterday morning, the animals had a note for me.  (Yes, a note greeted their beloved boy when he arrived back at the nest.)  Today, E called out as he was leaving, "Remember to take care of my animals.  Oh and  Lucky is waiting for you!!"

When I finally got up to see what was going on with the animals, I had a laugh out loud moment.  Lucky was dressed in E*'s PJs, while the others gathered around him.

So...here's what E* is going to find on his bed:

And this is what is inside!  Can you see Lucky, Barks, and Sticky?  There are about 9 more underneath them!


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Lynn McAuley said...

What great fun with these much loved critters!