New venture

Perhaps, instead of cards, I should venture into the world of photographing legos!  Only...I am fairly certain that there are no Lego Design Teams to keep me in fresh supply.

I came across this site tonight:

A Lego A Day

Boy...Legos are cute!  And yes, C* did get the gangster...even though he was a pill about the Minotaur.   His Loss...My Gain.  Also, I picked up a Statue of Liberty for my mom tonight, with my Lego Detection Skills...or LDS for short. :)

We better be able to fit in a Lego Feeling Mission next weekend...


(PS. If you are tired of them, send me your Legos! We will make a good home for them here!)

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Deborah Anton said...

I will keep you in mind when we go through our stash... In the meantime, we are headed to Legoland Friday... Help me....