Ooh,  I am going to add 
"Mini Figure Master Finder" to my list of hidden talents!!  

Earlier this week, I decided to buy the kids little gifts for Leap Day. I know...silly. But I was in that sort of mood!  So, For C*, I found the Spartan. And for E*, I found the Robot.  FF to today...and we stopped by our favorite store Five Below.  A* was not going to get a figure...until I found the punk girl skateboarder. For E*, I found the Sleepy Time Boy and the Pink Space Girl  (I learned that he wanted this b/c the girl has long hair, AND a helmet...and...an awesome long ray gun. )  While we were standing there...for a lenthy of time, I helped a couple of other kids.  One boy got the gangster he had his eye on. Not sure about the other kid. He just felt around for a few seconds. Put it back, grabbed a new one and left.  Ahhhh....didn't he know that the "Mini Figure Master Finder" was standing RIGHT THERE!!  For C*...who is in a 12 year old mood, I found the Minotaur. As soon as he cheers up, he can  MAYBE have it...or I'll just add it to my collection.

What? My Collection?? haha..yeah...

I had my eye on the Leperchaun and the Statue of Liberty!

A big thank you to Patsy and Johnny who tuck in a few dollars into cards for my kids each holiday! I think the gift is going towards our lego collection!


Susan said...

pls find me a leprechaun and the liberty lady

Great Grandma Lin said...

Have you seen the book about B of M heroes made out of legos? Maybe I got the idea from your or Jocelyn?

Craft Paper said...


I like the ones with the magnets on them. Darth Vader has been hiding on the top of the refrigerator door for the last two months (I put him there!). No one including my son has even noticed him lurking there!

Deborah Anton said...

LOL!! You will make my boys jealous!! They have thier eyes on the statue of liberty and leprechaun too!!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

OOh those are cute! I love the look of your site now. Nice and big fonts, easy to read.