Fun Finds in my basement...

Bummer...my Break Up game from Tomytronics seems to have bit the dust.  Btw, the person in this video can not play the game at all! I loved that game.

Luckily, my Yamaha PSS-120 is still fabulous!
And...some seller on ebay wants $100 for it! haha..funny.

I love this keyboard b/c I worked really hard to save my money for it!  I felt sooo cool. Which is ridiculous as I had a baby grand piano in my house. Such was life back in the day!

Now...to go see if my Tron game is working!

I did make bread in a breadmaker for the first time in my life. It was super fast, super easy and yummy! Of course, I will probably still make it by hand. But every so often, taking a short cut isn't so bad!


MiamiKel said...

How fun! It's like shopping without spending any money, lol!

Susan said...

yes, you were very valiant in saving for that keyboard. I think perhaps it would do well in E's room. Where he just play for fun. The block game died? Not fair! But I loved the original Tron.

And remember...use the bread machine as a sous chef. Allow it to do all the mixing and kneading and then take out the dough you do the forming, rising, baking. It's the best way to go when you have slaved in the dust and boxes all day...

Great Grandma Lin said...

sounds like you are keeping out of trouble...lol!