It's that time of year again when we typically start to think about ways to improve ourselves. Typically, I try to that as I go through the year. But I did have a little chat with the kids about being kinder to each other. Sticking up for one another. And yes, thinking that your sibling is not trying to hurt you...and then reacting to him/or her in that manner.  While I have suggested this in the past, let's hope it sticks THIS time!

As for me...yes, it's time to cut back on all the over indulgence that the holiday brings (b/c there are holidays every month! haha)  And, again, I sort of try to fix things about me when I see that they need to be fixed.  So nothing super new there.

I'm trying to quickly read all 15 books for the Battle of the Books that are coming up.  If you want to see the link I am work on, click HERE.  

I loved "The Day Glo-Brothers" and "Candy Bomber." Of course.  Helen Frost, author of "Diamond Willow" was another good read...sniff, sniff.  And, Ms. Frost will be joining all the kids at the award ceremonies. So I really should get A* a copy of that book to see if we can get it signed!  We are plugging our way through "Homer P. Figg."  None of the girls wanted to read it, so I had a slumber party here at the beginning of Christmas vacation and we read through 1/2 the book together.  It has a lot of information and references that the girls don't know or aren't aware of:  references to biblical stories, Jim Crow Laws, antiquated terms and speech, etc.  I found myself doing a LOT of explaining. Although, I am enjoying the book.  (Which I'd enjoy more if I could just read is silently in my head.)  This book reminds me of British Literature from a few hundred years ago...how it unwinds the story. And the morals of it all.

Right now, I am reading "The Giant Slayer" by Iain Lawrence.  And, this frame story is going to be tear jerker. I have been waiting and watching and worrying about it since I started reading it.  Who is going to die?  Who is not going to make it?

Growing up, I was an avid reader.  I didn't read 12 novels simultaneously like my sister Marissa.  But I was continually reading novels. Mostly fiction.  And always for fun. I rarely had book reports. I just read.  Poor kids these days have to read, analyze and chop everything up!  Even for this Battle of the Book competition!  :(   And being middle aged, I have more years of knowledge on them. So as I read all these books with an adult mind, I wonder what are the girls understanding, or thinking, or seeing? What would I have figured out or thought or foreseen if I was an 10 or 11  year old 5th grader reading these books?

Each book has been a new world.  And now I am hoping to go see if there is a list of previous Battle of the Books selections.

And yes, I think I know who is not going to make it in "The Giant Slayer."  And, I'll sit up reading with a box of tissues....

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Lin Floyd said...

wow, I'm impressed-seems I have little time or interest in reading-could be eye problems too. But I write lots, does that count?