Triangle Flap Fold

Another super quick tutorial. Now mind you, here in Michigan, it has been rainy and grey. Like "it's raining cats and dogs" rainy and grey. So my pictures are wanting. But you are all super crafty and talented!!

Cut a 2 x 3 inch template out of a scrap of paper.  Fold in half at 1.5 inches.  
Cut a piece of double sided patterned paper 3 x 12 inches. Fold in half at 6inches.  Then, place your template on the right hand side. With a pencil, make a light dot, right in the center of the crease. Basically, it will be 2 inches from the right side and 1.5 inches from the top. You will do this to the top of the card. Then open the card and repeat to the inside. 

Use a craft knife to make your slices. Tip to remember. Open your card up before cutting. The top side is cut from the center point to the top right edge. (NOT PICTURED...where did that pix go??)  And the inside,  or bottom of the card, is cut from the center mark to the bottom corner.  (Pictured below.)

Then, tuck the folds cuts together!

(Here is a different view on how it slides together!!)

Use your decorating magic!!

Now this fits into a 3 5/8  by 6 1/2 inch (small tall) envie.  You can even add an extra layer to give it more support.  Just be sure you are careful where you add your adhesive. You will need that triange piece to be floppy.


LaJanette said...

Great tutorial; I had to read it about 3 times to get it though; I think working and kids have taken my mind someplace else. I really need to focus on anything I do.

Super cute cards too; I will def be trying this for my kids invites:0)


Sabrina said...

Still in bed so I don't have paper to play with, and I'll probably wait and see what the HYCCT challenge is in case I can combine. But am I right in thinking that after we fold the template we unfold it again, the fold is only to mark the centre line? It looks like a fun idea.