Early Christmas Surprise...

Yep...I now know what my Christmas gift is from Ken. And not b/c I guessed it b/c I thought Ken was getting me a camera.

Yesterday, Ken wanted a couple of cards. So, I knew he'd be giving one to me. But he took this card:

...which is in no way romantic.  So, I mentally rolled my eyes and let it go.  This afternoon at 4:30, C* says he needs a poster board...he has a big project due tomorrow...he has done nothing on it.  My frenzied response to him, after I said, "get on your bike and ride to Walgreens" (yes it was pouring outside too) was..."Do you know that we have no ink in the printer to print pictures/titles off?"

Ken saved the day buy picking up cartridges and poster board on his way him from work..only to work 5 or 6 more hours from home.  So, after dinner, I went up stairs to help the wayward student a bit on saving pictures from the internet correctly so they are not pixilated when you print them off...and  in comes Ken with a card for me.  (A short stretch of the legs before going back to the laptop.)  Well, as it had been a trying day with more details than I want to add, I simply and as gently as I could said "go stick it on my pillow and I promise to read it when I go to bed. I just don't have time right now."

A few minutes later, my friend Jenn texted me "awww, you should have read it...it only takes a minute." So I had DS go get the card and the Dad...and I opened the card in front of him.  The message inside said that my Christmas gift was in the mail and coming soon, but I had to go to his blog to find out what it was.

Now...if YOU want to find out what I am getting next week, flip over to Ken's blog.  (And call it what you will...Christmas or not...I'm not waiting 2 months to use it.)  The funni-est thing is...Jenn and my mom and Ken were all worried that I was going to buy one before Ken had a chance to get one.  But the joke is on them.  I only talk big and rarely go through with my mouthy declarations!

Thanks Ken.  I will have fun with it for Halloween, and Thanksgiving, and Christmas!!  

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Michelle VP said...

Oooh, that looks like a fun toy! I haven't given in and gotten an electronic cutting machine yet, you'll have to let me know how you like yours! :)