When I was young, I wanted glasses. In 9th or 10th grade I had a pair of non prescription glasses that I wore from time to time.  It really didn't stick.

Fast forward to my senior year in college and my eyes were getting tired from over use.  I got a prescription but there was barely any magnification to it. Mainly they were to be used for eye strain. Well, I used them for goggles in Sculpture class. Yes, they got scratched up.

Years accumulated on top of my birth age. The magnification increased a little. I only went to the doctor's office when I had eye strain. But then, earlier this year, I realized...I couldn't read the small type that had normally come so easily.

One day as I was lying in my bed, I realized I couldn't read the remote control.  So, back to the doctor's office I went.  A week or so later, I had a pretty new pair of stronger prescription lenses.  Dr. Payne mentioned I'd find myself using them more and more. That I was "getting to that age." But I was still too young for bi-focals.  Well...I love those glasses.  If I'm at the computer, practicing the piano, reading or crafting, those specs are on my face. Yes, I spend a lot of time "remembering" where I left them too. haha. But I certainly wear them through out the day.

Well, Tuesday night, they broke.  I got to the office today to find out that while they are not fixable, they are still under warranty.  (Wow, I'm impressed that the eye receptionist knew that off the top of her head! How on earth did she remember me?)  And...in a week, paying just $9, I will have a replacement set.

Yahoo! It's going to be a strain-ful week, but I'm glad to get these replaced. They have really helped out and I'm grateful to have them.  Recently, A* and I donated 3 pairs of glasses to a charity who collects, refurbishes them and then passes them along to those who can really use them.  Actually two pairs were my DD's from when she was in young fives-2nd grade.  She didn't want to give them up a few months ago. But after I heard there was a greater need do to the fact that so many people have lasics eye surgery, and thus no glasses to donate, I realized there was no sense in us holding on to the very cute, very petite glasses. Some other girl who HAS to wear them, just might enjoy some pretty frames.  Pretty and trendy...before they get to be "not so pretty and not so trendy."

So, I'm left with a week of squinting and asking my kids to read the fine print.  (I can't find my last pair of glasses which were not donated.)  In the mean time, I will count myself blessed to have grown up with great eye sight, the vanity of thinking I wanted to wear them when I didn't need them, and the knowledge that I am very blessed to have a great eye doctor/insurance for my current optical needs.


Susan said...

run and buy a pair of those reading ones for a dollar and keep them on hand for 'when'

Karen said...

Dawn, it's it the pits when your arms get shorter and shorter. I hope you will survive the week with no specs

Unknown said...

Dawn do I need to type this is all caps so you can see it? Just Kidding! I know that you know I would be lost without my glasses too! That gives me an idea (because I cannot drive without them)...