Scout Camp

Last night was Western Night/Parent Night at C*'s first Boy Scout Camp!  Not only was it his first, but he went there alone, without knowing any scouts or leaders.  What an adventure he is having!

C and his friend Aaron....and brother E.  C was so absorbed with camp life, he barely looked at me!

C* and his buddy Aaron!

My First Class Boy Scout!

Alec and C*.

At the Trading Post with Dad and A*.

E and A...rock-paper-scissoring for who goes first on the large scale checkers game!  Their usual solution for taking turns.

Human Fooseball court....such a fun game when you have full teams.  But the kids made do.

C* and Mr. Wayne, his provisional scout leader for the week!  Thank you Mr. Wayne!

C* trying his hand at the obsticle course.  Camp record:  18 seconds!

My scout...again!

At the tomahawk throwing station, E got one out of 4 into the log!  (Admittedly, I got 2 out of 4 into the log.  The other 2 hit the wood but bounced off...oh yeah!)

E and C sawing a log..  Actually, I cut most of it with C...and it took us a long tme.

Brothers waiting for their slice of wood to be branded with the ranch brands.


Wouldn't you know it...after 3 weeks of no rain, we had some rain during the Western night. But nothing compared to the terrific storm that drenched us last night. Thunderings, lightenings, raining herds of cats and dots. I prayed all night that C* would be safe...and smart enough to put his gear up on his camp chair or cot.  I see that there are flash flood warnings today in his ares. And it is still ...RAINING!

I was glad to be able to see C* in action. And truthfully, until I said it was about time to go, he didn't seem to even notice I was there.  I"m so proud of him...and all that he has accomplished so far.


Great Grandma Lin said...

scouting is a great activity and teaches so much-all my sons were boy scouts and eagles except for one...

Becky said...

What great pictures Dawn, they look like they are having a blast. love the blue tongue :)

Lynn McAuley said...

Fabulous photos of a fun week! I spent many a summer at scout camp! I still treasure the memories and know C. will also!!

Michelle VP said...

Such great photos! And fun memories! I loved camp when I was growing up. :)