In a Food Court— Don’t Miss This One!

The first time I saw U2 in concert was in 1992, at the Cleveland Coliseum. I loved the face that during the final set, the crowd sang the chorus of "With or without you"...seemingly endlessly, until the band returned for another encore. This morning I came across this stirring video. How I would have loved to be on one of these flash moms!! How full is my heart after listening to the praises of our Savior. Maybe one day I'll be in a public place when one of these staged events happens (whether secular or religious). In the meantime, I'm glad these are posted online.

Celebrating Christ in a Food Court—Don’t Miss This One!


Lynn McAuley said...

Absolutely glorious, Dawn!! Truly fills your heart with the spirit of Christmas!!

gremhog susan.hatch@gmail.com said...

made me happy. quite moving. I'd have joined in singing even if I wasn't in the 'choir'. Thanx for posting.