An Amazing Goalie

Because I am coaching E*'s team and my sons' teams have games at completely different parks, I am not able to see C* play.  But, b/c he had a game and Ken and E went to the Father & Son Campout, I was able to sit and cheer just like all the other soccer moms.

C* has always enjoyed playing the Goalie position.  I think maybe b/c he doesn't have to run around so much. But today, he proved himself a fabulous goalie.  During the 2nd half, he played the position.  Time after time, C* stopped the ball from going into the net.  I lost count after at least a half dozen strong kicks on the net.  And yes, the other team did not score on our team while he was in the net.  (Of course, the coaches are fabulous and the team really helps keep that ball away. But today, was a tough day in the goal box!)

As those kicks started in, I just cringe.  Watching your son be the last obstacle for a score is terrible. (Seriously, the coaches stress that they are a team and no one is permitted to put down or ridicule when mistakes are made.  But still...the goalie is the last man standing when the ball is coming into the net!)  Each time, C* caught it, reflected it, kicked it or grabbed it.  (I think he enjoyed eating off the red plate today as well!)

Here is a group shot of the entire team, minus one player who left just before the pix was taken. I"m so proud of how well he worked today. Both as a running player and as the goalie.  He was "on fire!"  What a great way to end the season as well!


Susan said...

Hottie Con in more ways than goalie! Yay!

Lynn McAuley said...

Congratulations to all on your wonderful season!!!