Mother's Day 2011

All in all, I had a lovely Mother's Day yesterday. E* asked me if I wanted cereal or oatmeal...and I took the oatmeal with toast.  A few minutes later, the family brought up breakfast with a bunch of thoughtful gifts.

E made 3 cards for me...one with the "Mona Lisa" on the front...which he drew. Although, he calls it something else...as the teacher does as well.  (I'll have to up date this.)  He made a star beaded bookmark at school. Also, he gave me  dolphin mask that I can paint!!  Oh yeah! Oh...and one of the bird houses as seen below.

A* made a card and a mother's day booklet and a bookmark from handmade paper in art class.  She gave me the rainbow colored non-musical wind chime too. I guess that would be called a wind decoration??  In the booklet was her latest (continual) suggestion "Mom, when you smile you look pretty."  (Yes I'm trying to smile more often!)

C*, who fought Ken to be able to leave Joann's and go to Target where he knew exactly what I would like, gave me a small, green collapsable umbrella along with a card he had made.  And yes, I have been wishing for a small umbrella. But it's not soemthing I wanted to buy myself. 

I got some fray check and a set of Nestabilities.  Ken gave me a new webcam.  The one I own now has a broken cradle and is probably really annoying for my skype friends when the camera view shifts. 

My blog buddy, Jenn, created a card kit for all the family to be able to make cards for me. (Thanks Jen!)  I really hope I didn't forget anything. But you can see here:

I loved the last talk in Sacrament meeting. It was so sweet and thoughtful and kind.  You just had to be there to hear it!  Muffins and fruit for the ladies at church.  Then, after chatting it up with the Mom Next Door, I grilled up chicken and we ate it over salad.  (Sorry Ken, I do excel at grilling.)  At the insistance of the kids, we ate out on the balcony. 

I am really thankful that I mother to 3 loving kids who thoughtfully came up with gifts for me.  Ken, thanks for taking them, dispite the phonecalls home and the "I already made mom 2 cards at school!!!" protests.  The gifts were perfect (and the webcam is way too much!)


Great Grandma Lin said...

sounds like an A+ mother's day for you too. I heard from all my childrenexcept Brook of course and my step daughters sent greetings. Got to see 5 of my 6 grands and talked to frank and family. So it was perfect!

John Barney said...

Nice. Your writing reeks of love. I was asked to speak on Mother's Day. I survived, despite being sniffy, coughy and sickly.