General Conference April 2011

Ken treated us out to lunch today at Chili's. Of course, 3 certificates for a free kid's meal certainly helped sway him!  haha.  Then, I came home to work on a little treat for a friend as I listened to the first session of General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Just as it was ending, C* who was still in the room exclaimed:  I LOVE General Conference!

Wow!    Me too. Only it took me many more years to feel that way than his tender eleven.

Today, three new temples were announced...another one in Fort Collins, Colorado.  (Yes, in your state Jenn!!)    I loved how many talks incorporate the lyrics of hymns. I love how I can end the phrases with the leaders of the church as they quote scriptures and hymns.  I love how I feel uplifted. I love how I feel loved and on the right track.   I love the guidance and messages of the talks.  I love that I can hear it in my home. 

Now...do you want to feel that?  Feel free to listen/watch it online too.  There are 4 sessions this weekend.  Number two starts in 12 minutes!

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Miss Molly said...

Jenn :) Dawn is calling to you!

Dawn - I also must say I happened upon your sisters blog and love it!!! I am making her breakfast that she only makes during conference for Easter!!