Time to Celebrate!!

Happy 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751...Day!!

Today, March 14th...3/14...is Pi Day! Yippee!  And since I really wanted to make some pies to celebrate.

But right now, I am getting side tracked left and right!  (Seriously, how did I pick out new frames in 6 minutes on Friday! haha  An offer for "free business cards" has me browsing the selections!)

So...for this month's Tangled Up in Creativity Challlenge...I'll have to post a card later. But here are the details...

Be inspired by this well known saying:

March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. 

AND  you have to use ribbon, in a novel way, on your card.  I admit it. I'm "ribbon hindered."  I have so much of this stuff but I rarely seem to really use it  or get it on my cards. So I want to see what fabby thing you an do with it!

RULES, in case you forgot:
You have until the 1st Monday in April to post a link to my blog.  After that, I will post a poll in my sidebar for TWO DAYS...you get to vote.  The participant from the TUIC blog group with the most votes will receive a prize from me!  (That will be announced on THURSDAY.)


Danie M said...

The picture of the yummy pie is making me hungry dawn.. time I had some breakfast I think. I am looking forward to your challenge as I too am ribbon hindered.

Kelly Smith said...

Interesting challenge Dawn!! I might have to break out the papercrafting stuff and come up with something... although this will be a tough one! Hope you had a good Pi day!

Julie said...

This morning Dawn it is working fine.

Becky said...

I just made it in the nick of time :)