Youthful middle-aged woman?

Or a fat teenager?  (Only b/c I was thin teen...and now I have some motherly curves on me!)

A window salesman just came to our door...and was surprised that I was "the lady of the house."  This happens every time sales people come to my house...or when I get solicitors on the phone. They think I'm the kid of the house. 

Growing up, everyone though my younger sisters would older than me.  Really??  ugh.  Annoying!

I remember as a newlywed, going to a service project with the teenage youth of the church. If you were 16 or under, you had to write your age on your name tag.  I of course was like 25 or 26....but was questioned about my age b/c of my "youthful" face. 

I was soooooo excited when I turned 30. It was on a Sunday and I was 9 months pregnant with #3. I had found a Large pin at a garage sale the previous summer that read "It's my birthday! I'm 30!!"  When I snickered over it that summery day, the home owners questioned me. After they heard that I was turning 30 in a year, they gladly gave me the button for free b/c I looked nothing like my age.  So, on that 30th bday...I wore the oversized button on my dress (with my over sized belly sticking out) when I went to church. Glad to finally be able to say "I'm thirty something." 

Although to this day, people still think I'm young.  At 37, I'm not young. I'm not old..but I am not young either.  I work with a woman at church who is forever making remarks about how young I am. How "Dawn doesn't have to worry about this or that b/c she's too young."  Or "If we were Dawn's age...."  Good grief. I bet that lady is 10-13 years older than me. Yes, she's older. But her attitude makes her a lot older. 

Since I've been treated this way throughout my life, both positively and negatively, I have learned to talk to anyone and everyone...regardless of their age.  I think that is something many "age noticers" miss out on.  In my opinion, that's why there are cliques.  Some people are too worried about being with only those who share the same age, same experiences, same sort of houses.  But boy, they are certainly missing a lot when they dismiss others. 

Let's just hope that  that I can continiue having youthful energy and enthusiasim for as long (if not longer) as my youthful countenace!


Tammy said...

Lucky for you. Better to be identified as young instead of old when you're young! Its all about attitude and I'd say you got a great one!

Lone Pine Designs said...

I can relate...I still get asked for my driver's licence when I buy alcohol!

Great Grandma Lin said...

how true, what's maddening is when you are more mature and a receptionist or nurse calls you dear-I wrote a whole blog about that...enjoy your youthful face ...

Jocelyn Christensen said...

That would be nice.

http://blog.timetocreate.com.au/ said...

Dawn that is great play it up. Do what you want to do, be who you are.

Funny because I just had a conversation earlier with a slaes lady when I bought the most outrageous, over the top, for me, shoes.
She was telling me about a customer, exquisitely dressed who came in and asked for the highest pair of heels that she had. They were purple, glitzy and VERY tall.
She put them on,waltzed around the shop and then said to her husband,"This is what you can buy me for my birthday" She was 80!

Here's to joy de vivre!
And how wonderful to say to the unwanted caller, "I'm sorry my mother isn't home!

Becky Dunham said...

I too am lucky enough to look younger than my age :) I am 45 and most people guess me to be about 30-35. I love it and I don't really feel my age. But my body is unfortunately starting to feel it's age - it is so unfair :)

Lisa Kind said...

Great advice. People don't believe my age when I tell them either. I have lots of friends and people I work with that are younger (and some older!) and we still manage to go out and have fun together! How lucky for you to be youthful in body and spirit!

Michelle VP said...

Nobody believes that I'm in my 40's except my kids, haha! And I always hated that everyone thought my sister was older than me when we were growing up too - I'm 4 years older, thank you very much!