Pikachu coloring


Pikachu's stripes and coloring on his tail is BROWN.

NOT BLACK...which is the color I bought!

And his ears are tipped in black.

Good thing I found that out before I cut out the black or started sewing!!!

My art table is cleared of papers and glue and rubber and ink. It is now laden with thread, scissors, pin cushions, sewing machine and fabric and pattern pieces.

Yes...the art room is my favorite room in the house!


Susan said...

hurry hurry hurry...can't wait to see the finished product.

ddazzled71 said...

Dawn I'd love to see a photo of the finished costume. Some years back my husband and I dressed up as Pokemon Trading Cards for a P Themed Party.

Kim P said...

Make sure that when you show off the costume, there is a kid in there! LOL!

My craft room is my favorite room too! Come visit again sometime!

Unknown said...

So, what happend to the kids making their own costumes? I new you would give in!!!! Can't wait to see them!

Michelle VP said...

Looking forward to seeing the pics of him wearing it! :)