In between times

I'm at a stand still. Oh sure, I could run the vacuum, fold some clothes, straighten a kid's room. But right now I am stuck between running here and running there...without enough time to do both.

Again this year, I put off Halloween costumes. Ninety minutes ago, I jumped into the car and headed to Joann fabrics...only to find out that they were pretty much sold out of all their Halloween Patterns that I needed. E* wants to be a Pikachu. And yes, I could buy a costume online for $50 and up. But no, I will not. Years ago, C* wanted to be a monkey. So I carefully sewed him a darling out fit. After several monkey years, that outfit morphed as we needed it. It became a dog for a school play. And then an Ewok, complete with an Ewok headdress and pouch around the neck.

Now, I need that same pattern...but in a larger size. And Joanns didn't reserve one for me! haha

I thought perhaps I'd use another pattern I had used a few years ago for Jedi costumes...to make Pika. This time a 2 piece costume. And maybe it would work. But, my wise mother said that a jumpsuit would be more animal like. And so, after I meet with the Elementary music teacher, I will be heading back to Joanns to see if I can get yellow felt. Keep your fingers crossed. We just might have the most darling pokemon on the block! Although...I'm still not 100% sure what #1 and #2 are doing this year. I did convince them to do something a little more "high brow" and punny. haha.

Hmmmmm...maybe I can see about attaching 2 dollar bills to earrings for DD. She'll wear them. When asked about her costume, she'll reply "A buccaneer!" haha If 2 bucks are destroyed in the making (or lost in the wearing) of this costume, that's fine. It's still an awesome Halloween costume price tag. And...DS #1 is going to be wearing a gigantic quarter on his back....to be a "quarter-back." Hope I can get thaot printed off by Tuesday as wel!

It's nearly midnight for costume making!! Ack!!


Tammy said...

Ha-ha, 2 dollar bills, that's hysterical! I'd skip felt and look for something in the bargain bind that's yellow.

ddazzled71 said...

Sounds like you truly are going to be busy. I love the quarter back idea, very punny. lol

paige said...

You are so clever and creative! Love your costume ideas!

Lynn McAuley said...

Whatever you settle on, I know they will be fabulous, Dawn!! Your kids are so lucky to have such a creative mom!!!