Secret Admirer!

Aren't secret admirers fun to have!

One of the perks of being on a design team is being able to get to know a group of stampers.  Often, we are a chatty bunch who like to get mail!  So, the Paper Makeup Artists swapped names again for a 2nd Secret Admirer Swap.  I was given Randee's name.  She had my name last time!  What a fun switcheroo!  (I'll link up her post b/c I never too pix of what I sent.)

Andrea has my name.  Even though she secretly sent to me, I learned how thoughtful she is.  Andrea looked around my blog and saw that I was trying to be a seamstress. So, along with my paper goodies, she sent a pattern to make an I Spy beanbag, which I have always wanted to make.  Also, there were fabrics and plastic sheeting to complete the project!

You may recognize that box in the upper left.  Andrea has posted it on the PMS blog hop. So *I* am the lucky recipient of it...and it's contents.  Check out THIS post for a better pix
 and details.  She sent a package of decorative ribbons. (Which, now that I think of it could be used on a sewing project too!)  Check out those stickles...DD's favorite color.  And a packge of bling.  Six sheets of papers that coordinate with the entire package. And TWO cards...in her very unique stile of leaving the fairy skin white and paper piecing or coloring the clothes/hair/cheeks. 

Thanks again Andrea for making my day fun filled!  And yes, Secret Admirers ARE fun!


Susan said...

an I SPy beanbag pattern? I Want!

Andrea said...

You are so very welcome! It was fun exploring your blog to learn more about you! I am glad you liked everything!!

Christi Flores said...

What a great goodie package!! You're so lucky!! :)