Birthday Rehash

I had no expectations for my birthday and it was marvelous. I got up and completed my morning exercise. I painted for 3 plus hours. The only child home was off with some friends down the street.  When I got bored and frustrated and annoyed with the kitchen....I rounded him up...and we ran a couple of errands.  No, he did not buy me a pet turtle...but we went to a petstore and looked at them, priced them out and got information on them.  On our way home, we stopped for icecream cones...b/c I didn't think we'd be getting dessert today.

Several of my friends popped by and admired my Pear Pizazz Kitchen.  (Another day and it'll be done, hopefully.  Although, I am having Ken finish the top edge b/c I've done all the walls!)  Yes, and pictures will be coming.  I color matched Certainly Celery..but it looks more like Pear. Which is what I perfered anyway. 

I got stamps from my friend Sherri and of course the stamps I already mentioned from Michelle.  Becky dropped by with a birthday cake. Which I needed since my kitchen is under construction.  It was so lovely...not sure that the picture does it justice.  It was tall yet small and decorated with a waterlily on top. And plenty big for the familiy.

Kim and her kids stopped by with a card and some sizzlit dies.  (Do these people think that I craft all day long? haha)  Then my neighbor surprised me with new Polish Pottery pieces for my new kitchen!  Yeah...I was thinking something new was needed for the walls!

Ken too me and E* out to Cruse & Muir for dinner.  He ordered a large Red Wings pizza...so we will be feasting on left overs! YUM. I had the Michigan Fetticini! Delicious!  Of course...we hadn't even gotten to the restaurant with DD called.  "Mom, I'm sorry I missed your birthday.  I'm home now. Can I sleep over Sam's (as in Samantha's) house again tonight and go boating again tomorrow?"   (I'm sure that was b/c of the note I left for them in case they returned before I did...signed "XO the birthday girl.")  Of course you can, DD. So both kids are spending the night there and boating, again. 

After spending some time at the Lineberry's, we came home. We...as in Ken, E* and me....and sliced the cake and opened gifts and cards. Ken's mom had sent me a card last week.  Becky had also tucked in a gift card to Mike's for me in her card.  Patsy and Johnny remembered me...they are sooo good that way!  Mom and Dad sent me...edited...oops forgot I wasn't supposed to post it. Bummer.   I had just said to my neighbor Rebecca that I wanted this very thing.  And my wish was granted the same day!  Ken got me some lotion and a pretty ring. 

haha...So...all in all, my birthday was super. Now...if we could just get that kitchen finished.  And I am sure that is going to be easier than dealing with a bully at church.  Oh wait...I deleted that part. And, I'm not laughing about it either.

Pix to be added in the AM.


Lone Pine Designs said...

So glad you had a great day!

Ginny said...

Sounds like a great birthday. I'm so curious about what you got but can't post!

Kim P said...

So glad you had a great day! Maybe you do *need* pear pizzazz card stock after all!!