At a graduation celebration yesterday: 
Mom:  E* can I have a bite of your cake?
Son:  Did you make your goal?
Mom:  Almost.
Son: How much more?
Mom:  2 or 3 pounds.
Son:  OK...sure. 

haha.. Boy do I have a lot of referees around here! haha


Great Grandma Lin said...

helpers they are...

Karen said...

There's always an abundant of people to keep us on track...go figure. (no pun intended)

Karinn said...

Haha! Kiddos are great! I need some help like that. I'm working lose this baby weight after baby sister was born last month. I want to be skinny again for summer. *Sigh* maybe by Christmas...

I usually read your blog updates from my email but I wanted to comment on your post. So I just saw your new picture. I really like your hair! You look great!