For a Friend...

I made a set of eight note cards for a friend of mine using Creatures from the Starving Artistamp line of Doodlefactory stamps.  There are 2 of each card.  I bought the blank notecards from the Mike's dollar section.  (They were also discounted at the time!) 

From Creatures II, this one is disgustingly humorous!

Mimo is from the first set.  So sad that you have to smile when you see him in your mail box!

Another original creature.  Below is what the inside reads:

One of my favorite newbies...Goonter is that selfish being in all of us!

Inside view:

So, if you want a fun gift to make for a friend, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for blank notecards that you could easily embellish with your favorite images and sayings!


Lynn McAuley said...

What a unique cast of characters, Dawn!! Love this adorable set of cards!!

Ben said...

LOL! I like that Goonter character!

Michelle VP said...

What a great background those notecards make for these SAS creatures. :)

Susan said...

all I can say is EUWWW for that first one