My Secret Admirer

The design team of Paper Makeup had a Secret Admirer Swap.  It was a bunch of fun to think up treats for the one I admired.  Today is when we announce and reveal what we received.  My admirer was Randee. Her gift box was full of thoughtful things...just perfect for moi!

We were asked to send 2 cards, which you can see there in the upper left corner.  Randee then came up with a "tea" themed package for me!  She thoughtfully gave me a box of herbal teas (great b/c I don't do caffine).  A handy dandy calendar...b/c I totally needed one to through in my purse.  This one is decorated  by her and so lovely!  She surprised me with some springy rubons and metal stick on brads. Okay, I don't know the name of these things. I have been wanting them every since someone sent a card to me using them. I'm super excited!  I love paper piercing and now, you know I'm a "seamstress."  Randee gifted me a blue sewing tool..which of course I am not remembering it's name.  It makes the faux stitching on paper. Oh my!  This is going to save me a ton of paper! haha. (I gave the one I admire some of my favorite items too!)  I have a darling little note pad, teapot shaped. I am always searching for a "scrap" to write info down. Now I can jot down notes in style!  A stamp that states "You rock my (world)" which is going to be great to use with the latest Moody released in digi!! Oh and how about that luggage tag/purse fob/key chain monogrammed for yours truly!  I think the colors are pretty snazzy!
I had listed that I collected Polish Pottery and was trying to collect bird birds.  Just look what she found!  Going along with the teapot theme, it's a teabag holder...from Poland...with blue birds!  I love it. Now it is on my shelf with the other pieces I own. But I will be sure to use it soon as I sip my herbal tea! I'm really excited by this is only my 2nd blue bird gift!  Plus, I haven't had a new piece of Polish Pottery in years!  It's darling, thanks. 

Thanks for thinking, stalking and planning for me, Randee!  You were a fun secret admirer!


Christi Flores said...

Wow! Very cool!! Happy Vday!!

Great Grandma Lin said...

how fun, love your tea bag holder..

Lisa Kind said...

What a great package of fab items you got, Dawn! Love the Polish pottery (I'm Polish)! Way to go Randee!

Michelle VP said...

Wow! What a fun package to receive! Love the painting on the polish pottery. :)

Randee E said...

I'm glad you liked everything :0) I had fun with it!