Being remembered...

Paper Makeup has a stamp that reads: I count myself, in nothing else, so lucky as in my friends...or something like that.  That is true for me today. I went to the mailbox this morning, to get yesterday's mail.  Looky here!

A half birthday present from Michelle!

I had a feeling there might have been a card from her yesterday. But it was too dark and too cold to trudge out to the mail box.  I didn't want to send my kids out there either. So today, I was delighted to open this package from a fun stamping buddy!  I really "needed" the scalloped hearts. And who doesn't need a giant Hershey bar?  It's not the best shot, but Michelle used Paper Temptress' papers in this ensemble.  I've noticed some red and brown color combos theses days, so I was pleased to see this!


Michelle VP said...

hehe, after you asked if I had the scalloped hearts I decided I "needed" them too. :) I had lots of fun using them for your package. Enjoy!

Katie Cotton said...

how sweet and wonderful! She sure is a good friend!!