As I said at the start of my Relief Society lesson on Sunday, I do not make  new year resolutions. I am more of a list maker.  Last year in my profile, I posted something about having small goals throughout the year.  So on my list of things to do this year, I have "be a sew-er" up there.  And at this point, that is probably the item I am focusing most on! For better or for worse.

I took myself to JoAnn's today.  I still call it JoAnn Fabrics although that isn't the name. haha.  I know a lot of quilters out there buy what they like. But I have no idea how to just plop down money for some fabric without some sort of plan or project idea. I bought some remanents which were super, super clearanced.  Got home and unrolled them to realize, the pattern is going "the wrong way' for my use! haha Lesson 1. pay attention to the pattern!

I enjoy paper crafting but I want to expand a bit this year.  So, feel free to post your favorite sewing or fabric craft website here! I'd love to see and hear and get more ideas.  In the last day or so, I have added quite a number of sites to my favorites list. Now to actually get something executed...and posted to my blog. 

For the record, I have bought some fabric and cut it out (making up my own pattern) for a treat for DD's American Girl Doll. Now let's hope that it turns out well.  Pix to come later!

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