First Sewing Project for 2010

Here is my first sewing project completed for this year. I saw a blog out there where "one who sews" made a mermaid outfit for her daughters' dolls.  As it was so darling and I couldn't be out-done by friend's MIL who made outstanding clothes, I decided to design my own outfit for Elizabeth...the doll.

The material is a hunter green poly velour.  I used the same material for the "fin" portion.  Although, I added an extra layer...just some weird something I had in my pile. I think it was a blotter to make paper.  But..it worked marvelously well to give form and structure to the fin.

As for the "top,"  DD wanted a cockle shell shaped piece.  This flannel backed, slippery remanent was perfect for the top...but not for the shape. American Girl doll busts seem to be not exactly anatomically correct.  So, I sent with a "halter" styled wrap. With a stylish bow. The piece is long enough forDD to tie it for herself.

Did you want to see the response when she saw the outfit?
In her defense she had just returned home from a slumber party a few hours before and was wiped out.


Holly aka Toy said...

Great job, MOM! I am determined to be a sewing fool, eventually! LOL I just love the look on your daughter's face. I bet when she perked up she loved it! :)

Great Grandma Lin said...

well I think it's as cute as can be. maybe after a nap, your dg will agree.

Michelle VP said...

Love that mermaid fin! I'm sure your daughter will enjoy it more after she gets some sleep. :)

Susan said...

adorable. love how the fin turned out. also the top.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Oops, I thought I had commented when I first saw this, but I guess not! Love the outfit...too cute!