Since there has been no time to stamp, I thought an update would be nice.

If you are in the mood to buy something for yourself or for your favorite stamper, here are some fun sites:

Starving Artistamps...which has doodlicious fun and quirky images but also a lot of other styles...be sure to check them out.

Paper Makeup...which sells adorable day fairies, funny monsters, thought provoking sentiments and a new sailing set.

Sherrod Studio...which has a sale going on right now! 

Paper Temptress...whose paper shimmers, glimmers and can hold up to anything! 

As for the Dawn Update...I'm busy with a teacher at school who isn't up to snuff.  And since she is making my son's year miserable, she is going to be hearing a lot...from me.  Enough said.  And..I'm busy with SEWING projects this Christmas. I made the boys each a fray quilt...and I am in the snip, snip, snipping part of it. I'm making DD a closet full of American Girl Doll clothes.  I still have to get Ken's gifts bought and my parents.  Ugh...why did I not get this done before Thanksgiving...which is MY own tradition. I am not a shopper. I hate making decisions.  And returns. 

Ken's sister and husband and 6 kids are coming to visit right after Christmas.  So, I have to prepare for that...mentally, physically.  haha. 

Okay, and now I think I need a soak in the bath as I have been running about stores and busy at the sewing machine all day.  But wait until I post pix of those projects! 

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Starla said...

Sounds like you've got your hands full!!