A Scientist in the Making

My youngest has wanted to be a scientist for years. I am not even certain how it began. Perhaps it was when Granny and Papa gave him a scientific experiement kit for his bday two years ago.  But if you ask him, he will tell you that he wants to be a scientist. E* is very observant.  Even his first grade teacher has told me this.  On occasion, worksheets are copied incorrectly.  The front and the back are the same thing.  He is willing to raise his hand and question it when the rest of the class sits there...doing nothing.  Rather...doing the same problems twice. 

I'm sure he gets some of it from his Dad who seems to fix almost anything and who questions everything.

We were getting out some Christmas lights today and found this string of lights with a musical Santa on it. The lights blink in time with the music.  But...1/2 the string was dead.  Ken decided that he would doctor it up.  Splice a few wires.   Add a switch so the next time the lights die, we simply have to plug it into a new string.

Of course, Baby Scientist was eager and helpful.  Here they are...

Upclose with the gadget...

Note the extra plug.

And proof that E is not the only pesty sibling.  Here is his sister who just had to stick her head into the pix frame!

Ken wants me to publically announce that I beat him at chess today. I don't like strategy games. They bore me. Ken is a schemer too...so playing games is just no fun b/c we play them two different ways. I'll get upset if I even have to relate to you how many made up words Ken makes when we used to play Boggle.  Or how he goes for the tiny, tiny words for a gazillion points in Scrabble.  Ooh...I just don't play that way.

So today, we played a game of chess.  (I was being kind.)  And ugh...it was dull.  And he thinks so long before making a move.  I on the other hand, just make a move.  Well, at one point, I made a move, called check mate.  He says "that's not check mate."  And moved a piece.  So, my rook took out his queen or king. Oh, now I can't remember. But that was the end of the game.

Oh I-I-I-I-I-I-I....am the the CHAMPION...my FRIEND.......oooh, ooh, ooh!  :)

Also, last update...we made 2 kinds of christmas cookies tonight...peanut butter blossoms and snickerdoodles. Again...snickerdoodles were for Ken.


Michelle VP said...

Sounds like a fun day in your house. :) My younger son wants to be a scientist too. He walked around in his lab coat and goggles carrying a beaker of slime for Halloween. I agree with you about chess too - not a game that holds my attention.

Susan said...

you beat Ken at chess? good for you! Sometimes it's those idiosyncrasies that if allowed to just continue, become fun memories. Even tho they drive you to distractions. So you fixed the musical string? Well Ken and Evan did? how wonderful