Counting down to Christmas...FAIRY SALE!

You heard right. The Fairies are up on the sales block today. Buy 2...get one free!

Here are your codes...

For those who like 'em bare             For those who like 'em mounted
1 free fairy - 1bare                               1 free fairy - 1mounted
2 free fairies - 2bare                             2 free fairies - 2mounted
3 free fairies - 3bare                             3 free fairies - 3mounted
4 free fairies - 4bare                             4 free fairies - 4mounted

REMEBER: for each free fairies, you must have ordered 2 paid for fairies. :) So for example, and order using the voucher code 3bare must have a total of 9 bare fairies in their cart.

This voucher code can not be used with any other discounts or codes.

1 comment:

Michelle VP said...

I've ordered the fairies from my wishlist. Does your daughter know about this sale? {wink}