Corrostive Challenges by Janet #36

Today is a fun one. Janet is challenging papercrafters everywhere to make something OTHER THAN A CARD.  Since I know Michelle is waiting to see what mini notepad my youngest gets...I decided to finish of the kids' treats with this challenge!

Memo to self:  Do not let the kids pick out things when I need to make a challenge item.  We don't see eye to eye.  But eventually, he got disinterested and left me alone.  Now...he'll be surprised when he finds it in his lunchbox on Monday!

So...now we see that these tiny aliens and robots in Starving Artistamps' Final Frontier set come in handy on INCHIES!!  I will have to experiement more when the kids and dh are away from the homestead.

As always, head on over to the Corrostive Challenges by Janet Blog...link up with Mr. Linky and use keyword:  CCBJ36 for online galleries!

(Challenges:  CCBJ36, 365 #245)


Great Grandma Lin said...

cute idea to expand out...I bought a book lately about mini scrapbooks seems that could be another project.

Unknown said...

that's very cute...I love that you send them gifts in their lunches :)

Michelle VP said...

There it is! Now I'm happy. :) Do you take the coil off to decorate the notebook cover? Love how the robot looks like he's peeking through a window. :)