What Happens Inbetween Cards

Well, real life! haha.  Yesterday I baked bread. While at my parents' house the other week, a friend of hers had dropped off  a "still warm loaf of bread."  It smelled heavenly.  And although it was 90+ degrees, I cooked up some beef veggie soup b/c nothing else would be so good with that bread!  It smelled like donuts. No joke.  (Glad we had  AC!!)  I raved and snarfed it up so much that Mom called her friend and asked for the directions.  As luck would have it, Carole does not use cups and tablespoons.  So I had to wing it as I tried to replicate it.  Also, her recipe makes FIVE loaves. And since I did not want to waste that much if I couldn't get it right, I tried halving the recipe.
So, yes, One loaf is misshaped and the other is huge...but they and the rolls were delicious!
A couple of weeks ago, my garbage disposal was not cooperating.  Ken fixed it a few times but then, couldn't get it to start back up again.  And without hassle, he bought a new one to replace it. In fact, he took the boys to shop for it and had them "help" him.  (Hmmm...kitchen floor, kitchen floor, kitchen floor.)   Here they are in the kitchen, doing man stuff...although, when he noticed I had the camera, he had them all run and grab a screwdriver. Ken sure likes posed pictures. 
Now, #1 likes to act posed in pix too. Here he is...Mover over Cindy Sherman!
After my parents moved into my grandparents' home, we were gifted this end table which now sits in our foyer.  Back in the winter, I had set up some cards from friends. Then #1 son set out all his pinewood derby models for a time.  At one point, #2 and #3 had some of their creations.  But today, I figured, #3 needed to show case his lego models.
So, while Dad and #1 were working, #3 was busy organizing these guys.  I love it when the kids help decorate the house. 


Unknown said...

Mmmmm...I love homemade bread! I was actually thinking about making some today...but I didn't get to it. I made chocolate chip cookies instead :) We're in the midst of a tropical storm here tonite, so hopefully tomorrow I'll get to the brown bread...and then I can have baked beans for supper :)

Congrats on the big news over at SAS!

Mary said...

Mmmmm that bread looks awesome! Congrats on the new team ....you are a busy lady! Oh and tell your kids, my son agrees wholeheartedly with their decorating skills - he's a huge Star Wars geek and that looks like SW legos, if I'm not mistaken!

Susan said...

3 cheers to ken