Despite some new found health problem which as yet to be diagnosed, I had an interesting birthday. As is our tradition, I received breakfast in bed...LUCKY CHARMS which Ken snuck out on Saturday to buy without me knowing it. Thanks, Ken. I opened a few gifts in the morning and then we took the van in to be repaired. After that C* went and found a great gift for me at Bath and Body Works. We came back home and he set up a treasure hunt. The last clue was "Me!" so I had to find him to find the grand prize. He is such a tender and sweet kid. Thanks, Reed!

A few of my friends got together in one home and had a little luncheon for me with take out salads and tasty bread from Cruse and Muir...yum! After that, I went to the doctor's office and spied a friend from church. Stephanie chatted with me and I thought she was was waiting for an appointment too. Turns out she was just sitting there after the appointment. Such a tender mercy which I appreciated...and hope I wasn't keeping her from some other place. I couldn't worry about the doctor's visit since I was chatting with her!

After the visit I was sent to the blood lab..then I had to swing by my friend's home to pick up the extra salad for our own dinner. Ken helped me by grilling up some chicken and so dinner was easy. Then we had to run off to the mechanics to pick up the newly fixed van...yeah! (And Ken found a good deal on the repair...price wise that is. Let's hope it is fixed.) I sort of felt tired so I rested while Adelle watched "The Absent Minded Professor." Mostly I think I snoozed.

In the midst of everything, I chatted with my sisters and my mom and my neighbor. Received bunches of cards from friends...some with gift cards...thanks friends!! I'll have fun picking treats and movies!

I asked Ken if my birthday could be tomorrow since today was sort of a dud. And he agreed. So maybe I'll make those cupcakes and we can go see Harry Potter. But only after I talk to the doctor's office. Keep your fingers crossed on that one.


Meli Palmer said...

I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed that you start to feel better. It does sound like you had a good birthday in spite of that! Keep us updated!

Michelle VP said...

Hi Dawn! I sure hope you had a better day today. Been thinking about you.

Starla said...

Sounds like your b-day wasn't too bad!! Hope all is going ok with your medical tests/etc. Thinking of you