Happy Birthday to my favorite daughter

Today, for two weeks, I have twins!  My DD just turned 9!  And despite what she says, she IS my favorite daughter!  Here is the morning pix of her with the traditional breakfast in bed.  (Sorry I didn't think ahead to buy Lucky Charms.  She'll eat that tomorrow with her friends who spend the night!
She is a bit of a funny girl herself. I had left the camera in her room.  Much to my surprise, I found this self portrait. 
Although Blogger is bugging a bother, here is a pix from a couple of weeks ago. She has recently been busy with her American Girl Doll and braided her hair and the dolls hair the same way...down to the bows.  It was just about to sprinkle so she brought the doll in before I took this pix.  When the rain really came, she sat on the sidewalk under a golf umbrella.
Happy Birthday, MA!  I love you!!


Stampin_melissa said...

Happy, happy birthday MA!

BTW Dawn, I call my DS my favorite son all the time. He's just 6 and hasn't yet told me he's my ONLY son! :)

QuiltNut Creations said...

cute! hope she had a great day. happy birthday to her