sleepless and so very hot

I can't sleep and probably I'm too hot to sleep...

and being bored and awake, I am looking back at my blog...nearly 3 years ago and reading what I wrote and forgot I wrote.

And now I am reminded, again, that I need to make a better effort at writing down those everyday things that happen here.

So we are great friends with a family down the street. My three kids and there 3 kids makes for lots of fun. Although once in awhile someone gets hurt or won't share or gets lippy with a mom, over all, the kids do not tire from one another!

So today, this afternoon, the kids were making Bakugan houses. Basically just taping construction paper together as if to make a large game board. And then of course, a little arguing b/c so many of them were squished around a few pieces of paper. So I hatched a plan...brought up some priority mail boxes from the USPS...and cut them up. Voila, everyone now has a Bakugan house. Complete with a lid. So, the next hour or 2 were spent decorating the "rooms." Making pockets complete with eyelets to hold the special cards. Old toilet paper tubes became chairs. Much paper was taped and glued. Then time was spent walking back and froth between our homes carrying these new boxes filled with the treasures of youth.

No pictures...b/c I"m not one to stop to take very many pictures. I just enjoy the moment. The mess. And I think about the future when there won't be the noise or the mess. And I'm glad to enjoy it while I can.

And yes, there are notes on the boys' room to the Bakugan fairy, hoping that she (or he) will bring a new one under their pillows one day. If I was a little more awake, I just might fly over to Meijer and pick up a pack.

I'm glad that 10 hours a day is not enough time to play with good friends.


Great Grandma Lin said...

sounds like a fun summer for the kids. please take a photo or two for your blogging friends to see the details. creative idea!

Starla said...

Aren't friends the best? And remember...a photo is worth a thousands words, but a memory is PRICELESS

Katie Cotton said...

how sweet! THis sounds like a blast!