New Names

Last night, my oldest child decided that he is no longer C*. He now wants to go by his middle name..which is R*. haha. I told him that his wanted to do this during the school year, he would have to gently and softly let his teachers know of the new name. I really shouldn't be surprised by this. In kindergarden, he started writing the name "Max" at the top of his papers. I guess I gave him the "wrong" name. haha. Once in a while, he would even use a pokemon name in kindergarten. But...he settled down and used C* for several years. But recently he gets annoyed when people spell his name wrong. That is a new development b/c in the past when it happened, it didn't bother him. He would just shrug it off. So...now, I am trying hard to call him by his new name.

DD also wants to start going by her middle name. So...if you talk to my kids and they don't respond, then try their middle names. Thankfully, E is still E!


Michelle VP said...

Too funny! My oldest son has been searching for a nickname too and is trying a new one out at camp this week. It was so hard to remember to address his envelopes differently for his mail! Good luck remembering what name to call which child.

Susan said...

well, i think i should be called.......................Cordelia.