Froggie Friend

I"ve been trying to firm up, tone up, shrink up. So my daily routine is:

get up earlier, treadmill, get to the pool as soon as it opens to swim laps, be more active, eat less through out the day, go to bed early. And yes, somewhere in between do all the things I am asked to do and then stamp.

So today, we got to the pool and I was swimming laps. #1 has been getting nose bleeds so he's taking a break from the pool. Maybe it's too much clorine up the nose? Then E* says, Hey, there is a frog in here." (Meaning the filter.) And as I was swimming over to investigate, he said, "There are 2 frogs in here." Well, I opened the cover and yes, there were actually THREE FROGS. After unsuccessfully trying to scoop the big one out with some goggles from the last and found box, and it almost getting out 3 times, I realized that in the bottom was a basket to catch the leaves. So I lifted it up, amongst the 3 floating, struggling and dead frogs. And I put them over the fence in the park to safety. Yes, E* saved some frogs. The big one bounced away at some point. the medium moved a bit and was sunning himself, or at least declorine-ing himself. The smallest was dead, dead, dead. #1 got some sticks and carried him to a safe spot in the wooded area so he could lie in peace. Meanwhile, E* adn 2 other swimming kids looked in all the filters. We found one other dead frog in another filter. I flung him over to the pond area to rest in peace back in nature. But only after everyone got a good look at it. I said to the pool, "Maybe the frogs had a big party here last night. This is what happens when you party too much. Don't party too much." Of course, if it were just my kids, I'd say other more specific things. And I probably still will as we drive to do errands. Like, always RSVP so that people planning a party can do it well...but I digress. We will talk about the importance of staying safe, making good decisions and what could happen if you make poor choices.

Enjoy joy the day! (By the way, I'm down 1 pound and 3 inches this week!)


Great Grandma Lin said...

good for you. if you don't pay attention the weight will keep adding up little by little till you're older then it's harder to loose it. interesting posts about frogs-I expected to see a frog card somewhere but was disappointed...lol!

Susan said...

what no pictures of dead frogs? thanx for that!

wispy willow said...

I think this is a great story!! And, of course, I love the fact that you brought a moral to it.

Good for you!!! I've been really, really trying to get some weight off. Lost 22 pounds and lots of inches...(4 off of my tummy and 4 1/2 off my hips) but, still wear the same pant size. What the heck is up with that??

You keep going. You have youth and elasticity on your side. When you get to be an old hag, like yours truly, weight is a much harder thing to deal with. I want to see some pictures of the new, sleek you when you're ready!

Meli Palmer said...

Ew. Those frogs would-a freaked me out. GOOD FOR YOU to get your workouts in though. Weight loss is all about the *little starts* and *little things*. Keep it up! 3 inches is awesome.
I don't really weigh myself, I MEASURE myself. You'll start to gain muscle the more you work out and muscle weighs more than fat.