Friday Night Update

Every Friday night for months, we have been meeting up the Emert family for the Friday Night Star Wars Party...which has transformed into a weekly, fun Friday Night get together for our families (now that the Star Wars: the Clone Wars is over). Just a few minutes ago, Amy (very casually) informed me that Randy was accepted or invited to compete in the Master Chef Test at the Culinary Institute of Arts in NYC...for the prestigious title of MASTER CHEF.

This has been Randy's career goal for many years. He has worked hard to earn a place to test his skills and receive recognition of his hard work and dedication to all things food. WOWEE. THAT IS JUST THE BEST NEWS!!!

For someone who is a chef, this is the top of the top, cream of the crop...and to think that he was kind enough to grill up some porterhouse steaks for Ken and me on the 4th of July, only a few weeks ago.

I can not wait to ask him a zillion questions about this contest/test. Way to go, Randy!! This is BIGGER THAN TOP CHEF!! WOW!

The test is so hard...that only one in ten pass. (UPdated: Randy said only 1 in the 12. As in, only 12 can compete each year. And out of those 12, typically only one will earn the title MASTER CHEF.) So...I'll update everyone as I get more details. RANDY!!!! We are so happy for you!!!! We want you to do a mystery basket for us...ANYTIME!

Hmmm...perhaps a StarWars themed food basket? haha...now that would be a test!


Great Grandma Lin said...

well a new challenge for the master card maker. have fun. LOL!

Meli Palmer said...

Holy crow, what a wonderful honor...good luck to your friend on that test. He can cook for me any time! :o)