Only THREE more days left...

to post your VanGogh Styled card for the Technique Junkie Newsletter/Starving Artistamps Contest! You totally want to be in the running for the prize.

A complete unmounted collection of the current new DoodleFactory release Oh Baby, You're Super! Containing the following stamp sets:

Oh Baby!
Super Parents
Oh Baby, You're Super sentiments!

And a FULL YEAR free subscription to the technique Junkie's Newsletter!

Wowsers!! All that for one card you make in the "VanGogh Style." So come on stampers!! Post link on the Starving Artistamp blog and I'll be sure to check it out and post some love.

Still not sure? Here is a card I made for my SIL and Brother who just found out they are having a girl. (Hillary, don't look, it's in the mail! haha)

Seriously! Get stamping. You have a REALLY good chance to win these sets!! And if you dont' win them, buy them using my discount: savetenDM.

This one I gave to Ken for fixing the dishwasher this week. Now, you know your hubbies and BF's are deserving of SuperMan cards! These are fun images to add to your rubber collection!


-Agnes- said...

That baby is so cute - lovely card! And I'm sure Ken loves his card, too - it's such a nice gesture.

Kim P said...

Very cute cards!! I just can't get my brain wrapped around a Van Gogh styled card...but I loved the DT offerings. The "Scream" card caused me to burst out loud with laughter!